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Local SEO for Small Businesses

The local search services below help your business get found by more potential customers
50% of Users that search via mobile devices visit a business within 1 day

18% of users who search for a local business make a purchase vs 7% for non-local searches.

You need to be where your potential customers are if you want them to find you. You will increase the number of new customers you get if you do a few simple things.

You need more positive reviews from actual customers. You need to be listed in top local business directories. You need landing pages for your products and services. Your website needs to be optimized for local search and needs to be mobile friendly.

We provide a way for you to get all of this done at an affordable price. We will develop a strategy and you can pay for it all at once or break it down into monthly payments. Call 800.977.4355 for a free consultation.

  • We will improve your local search results by adding geo-targeting to your website or develop a mobile-friendly website for you.

  • We create mobile-friendly landing pages for each product and/or service and help you create PPC campaigns to convert sales.

  • Positive reviews will improve your local search results and sales. We get your customers to leave more positive reviews.

  • We add your business to the top local business directories to create more ways for potential customers to find you.

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